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Fees and Tuition 
     2024 - 2025


Application Fee:    

Registration Fee:      

Half-Day Programme (3 year olds)

5 days / week

1st Term:

2nd Term:

3rd Term:





Full-Day Programme (4 to 6 year olds)

5 days / week

1st Term:

2nd Term:

3rd Term:





Extended Care (08:00 – 08:30 and 14:30 – 16:30)
Hourly charge | ¥2,000/hr (¥500/15-minute increments)*

Late Pick-Up (After 16:30) 
Hourly charge | ¥4,000/hr (¥1,000/15-minute increments)*

* Tax included


Application Process

School visit

The application process starts with a visit to the school. Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you to arrange your visit.


After your school visit, should you wish to apply for admission, please complete the application form and submit the application fee.

Families who are unable to visit the school in person (due to not being in Tokyo at present) may wish to submit an application form ahead of visiting the school at a later time.

Parent Interview

After submitting the application fee, a parent interview with both parents will be scheduled with the School Director.


We will also arrange a time for the Montessori guides to meet your child in the classroom.

Book your School Visit

Parent name *

Child's name *

Child's date of birth *

Language(s) spoken *

Email *

Phone *


Which days are you available to visit?

We accept visits between 9:00 and 11:00

How did you find out about us? *

Thanks for submitting!

 Application Form

Child's name


Date of birth 

Native language


First Name & Last Name - Parent 1

Home tel


Other language(s)

First Name & Last Name - Parent 2


Has your child received counselling or been tested for any developmental or learning differences in the past?

Please briefly describe your reasons for applying to the Dandelion Montessori School. 

Does your child require special medication or have allergies to certain foods and/or animals?  If yes, please give details.

At this time, is your child applying to other schools?

If yes, please list the names of the schools.

Any other information that you wish the school to know?

If your child is currently attending (or has attended) a school, please submit 2 recent progress reports (if available) or a reference/recommendation letter from their teachers.

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